One more thing…

Thank You

I hope you are not clicking on this button first thing on my portfolio site. If so, I sincerely appreciate your time to go through my portfolios.

The reason for this page is to “appeal” for my resume and portfolio site. I just feel these two means can no longer reflect merits on individuals who have been in this interdisciplinary field since bachelor degree.

As Bødker and Harrison pointed out, the significant challenges in HCI research or Interaction design for next few decades will be “multiple, experience-based use” or “phenomenologically-situated.”

Coincidentally, this was the reason I continued my education for Master and Doctoral degrees. I believe my practical and theoretical education background will benefit your organization in the long run.



Bødker, S. (2015). Third-wave HCI, 10 years later—participation and sharing. Interactions, 22(5), 24–31.

Harrison, S., Tatar, D., & Sengers, P. (2007). The three paradigms of HCI. Alt. Chi. Session at the SIGCHI …, 1–18.