Paper E-mail for Older Adults


Participatory design (PD) with older adults is known to be challenging. This paper reports on a PD study exploring digital pen technologies for e-mail communication with older adults. Participants had difficulties in understanding the goals of the project and lacked confidence in their ability to provide meaningful suggestions or design critiques, mainly due to their limited experience with ICTs. Here, we share our experiences and the challenges we encountered while conducting PD with older adults.


My Role

I hosted 9 PD workshops with around 20 senior citizen participants and collaborated with the older adults to design paper email system. I also implemented the design of the system and developed the prototype system.



Ferguson, R. D., Falcão, T. P., Yong, X., & Moffatt, K. (2017). “ I Crack My Brain” the Gap Between Older Adults ’ Efforts and Participatory Design Demands workshop, SIGCHI’ 2017, Denver, United States