Pekflyer App


This project was a start-up effort before I started my Ph.D. at McGill. My team and I created this app to help frequent travellers to keep track of their Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) miles. It also serves as a handy utility app, which we provide the suggestion for flyers to credit their flown miles to the most suitable airline program FFPs. We presented our proposal and initial prototype to prospective investors and were offered a seed fund, but with a condition of moving back to China. While our interests in this project have remained, we can only spend minimal hours now.

The Design Concept

Currently, most of the airlines do provide the mile earning rules on their websites against their frequent flyer program (FFP) only. It became a painful task for a regular passenger to track down what airline FFP should one choose to credit their expensive and exhausting flights because there are too many programs in the market and each of the programs has different rules towards to the partner airlines.

We wanted to solve this problem, by extracting and updating all the major airlines’ program rules and integrating them into our database, so the users could use our app to look up the upcoming flight and the best suitable program to credit their flown miles to it.