Art Exhibition: REMORIAL


REMORIAL is an interactive view of the past, a universe of names and ages that respond to your every movement and presents a unique and unparalleled perspective on the impact of those tragic events. This piece participated in 2012 Beijing’s Today Art Museum’s international college student art contest, and it helped me win the title of “outstanding artist” award. This exhibition is funded by Canadian International School of Beijing, and I appreciate their support.

Design Inspiration and Development Process

Ever since the earthquake has happened in 2008, while I was doing my internship in Canada at Adobe Ottawa, I felt quite sad about this tragic and motivated to do something to help the people there.  I created a video about the earthquake from a collage of the images I gathered from different news avenues when there were no videos out online. Fast forward to 2012, while working on my Master degree, I learned there were hundreds of students who were buried in their classrooms forever. Again, this fact has been removed from the officials, so I started designing the REMORIAL.  After reaching out to some people on Twitter, I retrieved the full list of students who passed away during this tragic, then started my development process.

I developed the Remorial on a c++ based multimedia development framework Cinder along with Microsoft Kinect (1st Gen) as an input device to capture the movement from the visitors. I would like to thank Robert Hodgin(Flight404) and my master degree supervisor Ali Arya for their help on this project. A small documentary video about this project can be viewed on my Vimeo channel.

Media coverage: Global Times | Carleton University  | 南方都市报 (Chinese)