3D Animation Short: “Shut Up”

This 3D animation was created during my fourth year animation course. It was created in four months along with all other school projects and assignments. The story of this animation is from a fable which someone dump on you does not mean he/she is your enemy, and someone who pulls you out of a dump does not mean he/she is your friend .Due to the time constrain and lack of experience in creating an animation. There are many aspects that have room to improve. Since this animation was created through an academic course, the process of creating this animation also follows an academic way. The steps were script, storyboard, 2d animatic, 3d animatic, animation test, and final product. The most difficult part was the animation test, since my animation needed to have three characters (or two and half), I needed to model and rig three characters. Two of my characters were quadrupeds, and one character was a bird. The rigging process for those characters took a great deal of my time. Further, animating those quadrupeds was also a long and tricky process.